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Next to basketball, badminton is probably the most widely played recreational sports in the Philippines. Although it was brought to the country by American and British expatriates, it started growing in popularity when President Fidel Ramos, who was also President of the Philippine Badminton Association sent a team to Fujian, China.

Badminton is seen as enjoyable and easy to learn and its popularity has grown among families and office workers resulting in the explosion of playing centres and badminton academies around the country.

Many Pinoys coming to New Zealand have also found badminton easy to pick up. One can easily pick up a racquet and join a club. In the Auckland region, with a high percentage of Asians, badminton has become hugely popular there aren’t enough courts to satisfy the demand.

At PP2019, badminton is the second most participated sport. Badminton games will be played at the Eastlink Badminton Centre.

Please click the here to see the rules.  The following are the links to the Pools and the Schedules.

Please click here for the 27th October 2019 Schedule.


Early bird rates are valid until 31st July 2019.

Badminton Categories

Category Registration Fee
Open (all ages) - Men's Singles $35.00/Player
Open (all ages) - Women's Singles $35.00/Player
Open (all ages) - Men's Doubles $70/Team
Open (all ages) - Women's Doubles $70/Team
Open (all ages) - Mixed Doubles $70/Team
Veterans (A50) - Men's Singles $35.00/Player
Veterans (A50) - Women's Singles $35.00/Player
Veterans (A50) - Men's Doubles $70/Team
Veterans (A50) - Women's Doubles $70/Team
Veterans (A50) - Mixed Doubles $70/Team
Masters (U50) - Men's Singles $35.00/Player
Masters (U50) - Women's Singles $35.00/Player
Masters (U50) - Men's Doubles $70/Team
Masters (U50) - Women's Doubles $70/Team
Masters (U50) - Mixed Doubles $70/Team
Regular (U35) - Men's Singles $35.00/Player
Regular (U35) - Women's Singles $35.00/Player
Regular (U35) - Men's Doubles $70/Team
Regular (U35) - Women's Doubles $70/Team
Regular (U35) - Mixed Doubles $70/Team
Youth (U18) - Men's Singles $35.00/Player
Youth (U18) - Women's Singles $35.00/Player
Youth (U18) - Men's Doubles $70/Team
Youth (U18) - Women's Doubles $70/Team
Youth (U18) - Mixed Doubles $70/Team