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If New Zealand has rugby, the Philippines undoubtedly has basketball. It is the most popular sport being played across the country. It is the unofficial national sport in the Philippines. Every street, every suburb, every town, city and schools and universities will have a team. It is so entrenched in Filipino society, almost every street corner will have a basketball hoop. It is not just a sport. It is a social, cultural and commercial phenomenon.

It is no wonder that Pinoys coming to New Zealand will find a way to play the sport not only for exercise but more importantly to connect with other kababayan bringing with them family and friends who also enjoy the game. Players don’t mind travelling to a centre or a town to play.
A Filipino sports competition will always have basketball because you can be sure there will always be players who would like to play whether for fun or for competition.

At PP2019, the games will be played in four venues: UNIREC, The Peak, Hamilton Boys High school and YMCA.

Please refer below for the groupings and venue schedules:


Hamilton Boys High School

The Peak



Please click here to view the P2019 BBALL RULES.

Also, to make sure you enter your players' & jersey numbers on the scoresheets PRIOR TO YOUR GAMES. Get them handy (list of players and numbers).

For age-category groups, make sure your players have their proof-of-age with their photo, handy to show the referees if questioned by opposing team/s. NO PROOF-NO PLAY.

* HBHS => RICO / REX ALFARAS - 022 0329779
* PEAK => VANING RINOS - 021 0890 7149
* UNIREC => THEODY R - 021 110 2410
* YMCA => PAUL B => 021 064 0991

See you soon & safe travels!


Early bird rates are valid until 31st July 2019.

Basketball Categories

Category Registration Fee
U11 (11 and under) $250.00/Team
U13 (13 and under) $250.00/Team
U15 (15 and under) $250.00/Team
U17 (17 and Under) $250.00/Team
U19 (19 and under) $250.00/Team
OPEN (all ages) $250.00/Team
Legends (40 and over) $250.00/Team